Sliding & Rear Door Bug Screens

New Magnetic EZ Pass Custom Placed to fit your RV
Available for New or Existing Slider Zipper Screens
New optional Magnetic Pass through on our patented Velcro on at the gasket sliding door zipper screen. We are now offering this service to anyone who already owns one of our zipper screens, this is 150.00 option, send your screen in and we will add the pass through where you specify. Or if your ordering a new zipper screen, this allows you to customize your screen to fit your rig. If you have cabinets in your door opening, this allows you to choose the pass through where you want it.  Vastly improve your van camping experience with easy entry and exit, a great seal, and increased air movement inside your RV.

Rear Magnet screen
Our newest magnet screen, is now being offered for the rear and slider doors. Video shows an install on a High Roof Transit. Installs with our long lasting patented Velcro on at the gasket system. No zippers and is easily removed and stored when not in use. Sprinter, Transit, and Pro Master.

Sliding Door Magnet Screen
Our newest screen to our line up is our patented sliding door magnet screen. This screen has evolved over the past two years. The newest version is out and can be installed on any of the Sprinter, Cargo, and Passenger Vans High or Low roof, and the Transit Cargo or Wagon Medium and High Roofs, and Promasters. These screens have been developed for quality, and the ability to tune the components. We use a combination of mating rare earth magnets encapsulated in a velcro strip to achieve a strong hold and incredible seal. Available in standard 18x16 or No See-Um 20x20 screen material.

A-Z Covers, has made a wide variety of screens, and over the years they have evolved. Our goal is to provide a clean install that will hold up to years of use, easy to remove and reinstall, with a heavy industrial design, using #10 marine grade zippers, and the best rare earth magnets. That is how we built and patented our Velcro on at the gasket design. Once the initial hook tape is installed, the screen can be removed and reinstalled in a couple minutes, and the Velcro does not have to be screwed in place and will not fall off after a few times of use. Our screens are now made with the entire outside frame of the screen made of the soft loop fastener. Loop is the softer of the two materials used in Velcro, and the other harder rough side being called Hook. The loop on the frame of your screen can be used for many things including lights, or our new zipper to magnet conversion. We also offer standard 18x16 fiberglass screen and no see-um 20x20 fiberglass screen. Offering for Mercedes Sprinter & Metris, Ford Transit, Ram ProMaster, and Nissan NV, in all configurations from low to high top and short wheel base to the longest. Our rear screens we make with a five zipper design, allowing each side to be individually rolled up, or rolled to the side, or we have our new rear magnet screen, it has magnets down the middle and on each sides bottom to improve the seal on the bottom of the screen.