Do you charge a restocking fee?

Yes all products are made to order. If your ordering just to see if it will fit or if you can install it and are planning on sending it back. There is a 20% restocking fee, if returned with in 30 days in new condition ready to be resold. You must e-mail for a return authorization number, once you have that please post it on the box and put your information in the box with the part, so we can credit you for properly for your return.

What does your one year limited warranty cover?

Our warranty covers the work we perform to the product. It does not cover damage due to shipping, abuse or improper installation. We do not manufacture the insulation material, the Aqualon or the screen. So it covers cutting and sewing of the product only. To start a warranty claim please email use a copy of your original receipt and a description of your issue. If your product is determined to be a warranty issue, we will issue you a return authorization number. Send the product back to us and we will repair the issue and return it to you.

Insulation Sets Questions

What are your insulation sets made of?

The material we use in our insulation sets is taken from the commercial building materials industry. This is a building material rating the manufacturer has been assigned by there testing. Our insulation material has a Mylar exterior reflective foil finish reflecting the heat out or in depending on the climate your using your RV in with a foam core. Other Quilted colored fabric designs on the market will block the light and absorb the heat in comparison to our reflective foam insulated shades.

How are your insulation sets held in place?

Each of our Cab Insulation sets comes with a 12 piece micro magnet set. Which gives you six magnets for each cab door window. All of our insulation sets comes with 40" of 1/2" loop Velcro adhesive backed tape. The windshield we recommend a few small pieces of hook tape to be stuck to the windshield around the edges to hold the loop sewn to the windshield piece along with folding down the sun visors to hold it in place. Cargo area if you have metal around the window frames we recommend buying the optional micro magnet set, or using the hook adhesive tape included, clean the surface with rubbing alcohol or use 3M Plastic primer on interior trim, use small pieces 1"x 1/2" to hold your shade in place lining it up with the edge of the shade and the loop Velcro sewn on it to hold it in place.

Why do you offer two different insulation material options?

Both options we offer the wood grain and the double reflective, have a Mylar reflective foil coating on the window side of the shade. The wood grain has a vinyl plastic simulated wood grain on the inside of the shade. After spending many hours inside my van, I found this material and it still offers you a quality insulation and shade yet a much more calming and relaxing feel when you spend time inside your RV. The double reflective coating on both sides and obviously offers a littler better insulating qualities due to the additional layer of reflective Mylar on the inside as well as the one on the outside. We sell a lot of both of them and have had very few issues with them. Biggest tip I can give on these is roll them up and store them when not in use and they will last the life of your RV. I say this because I still have my original set for my van, and they are still in great shape.

Do you make Custom Insulation sets or pieces?

Yes, we certainly do make custom pieces and encourage anyone interested in a set of shades for anything, we are here to help you make the patterns so we can get that custom set of window insulating shades. We have a short video on our you tube channel showing how to make a simple window pattern out of 6 Mil. plastic. It is crucial for our success to use a thicker plastic. Thin painters plastic just does not have enough strength to adequately hold up and be accurate to create your shade. So be sure to use a thicker clear plastic. Hold it in place with magnets, tape or anything you can think of. Simply trace the outside edge of the shade, by tracing around the windows with a Sharpe. Always mark the inside or outside, top or bottom and right or left side and name and brand and your last name on it. We will quote you a cost and make your custom shades for you. From Motor homes to Off shore boats we have made them for all and everything in between.

Aqualon Edge Windshield Covers

Why are your windshield covers so much more expensive then others on the market?

Our windshield covers are made from Aqualon Edge Reflective Marine Duct material. This is the best material currently on the market for reflecting heat and longevity. It is light strong and easy to clean, with a Clorox wipe. Our windshield covers come with a set of wiper covers, helping prevent rubber sun cracking and giving you a nice clean look, with a matching storage bag. We use Aqualon's factory edge binding giving you a professional look and increasing the life and quality of the product. We offer them in four colors, white, beige, grey and black. ad in two different configurations, our standard and deluxe with side door window screens, allowing extra air movement through out the RV.

Why is there a warning on your directions about dragging the magnets across the vans paint job?

I have made these covers for many years and sold thousands of them, and only had two complaints of people saying they scratched there vehicle. After the first one I added the warning I have on my instructions now. The cover is held in place in three area on each side that contact paint on the outside of your van. If you lay the magnets on the paint and pull on the fabric and pull the magnet across your dirty paint job, yes it may scratch the paint. Use care to make sure those areas are clean and that you do not pull on the cover once the magnets are in contact with your paint. I also have a short video on my you tube channel showing how to properly install and remove your windshield cover. 

Side and Rear Door Insect Sceen's

What is the Velcro Under the Gasket System and how does it work?

This is what has made our screens so versatile and popular. By removing the door gasket and cleaning the metal flange the gasket sits on. We stick our 1/2" loop adhesive backed Velcro to the inside of the metal flange, we then stick a piece of hook tape, mating it to the loop we just stuck to the gasket metal mounting tab. We then reinstall the gasket so you are left with a piece of Velcro Hook tape approximately 1-2" sticking out from under your door gasket, depending on the model you own. All of our screens are manufactured with loop Velcro around the perimeter, allowing you to easily install and remove your door screen in less then a minute and no issues with failing Velcro adhesive and your screen falling down in the middle of your trip or having to screw it in place. This system has now elevated your door screen to one of the assets of your RV for the life of your RV, improving the air quality and user experience by allowing the outdoors to be enjoyed from the inside of your RV without the insects. 

Why do you offer two different types of insect screen?

We use Phifer Industrial screen products made in Tuscaloosa, AL. We offer a standard 18x16 screen and 20x20 No see-Um screen. These numbers represent the number of squares in the screen in a square inch, vertically and horizontally respectively. The standard screen offers more visibility and air movement and the ability for tiny bugs to get through. I actually prefer this screen because of the air movement you get with it, and I don't have any issue with tiny no see-ums were I camp. The no see-um screen is considerably stronger and offers less air movement and visibility. Often people with pets prefer the heavier no see-um option. I have some customers will use no see-um on the side door and the standard on the rear, there is not right or wrong answer just the one that fits best for you.

Why doesn't the sweep of the sliding screen attach to the floor?

The floor, the sliding door track and the door stop along with the gap between the door and the step when the door is closed. Attaching magnets to the sweep, results in the magnets sticking to the door every time you close it. Some brands (Ford, Mercedes) have a door stop that when the door closed if you attach the sweep to the step will damage the screen. We simply will not take on the liability of attaching the screen to the floor or step. 

Why do you sell so many different insect screen designs?

Over the years our screens and screen designs have evolved. Our patented Velcro under the gasket is the cornerstone of our design. We started with our zipper screen and sold it for many years. But as age and technology seem to be catching up with us we designed a true Magnetic Velcro Zipper seal and worked out all the kinks to make this a revolutionary simple reinvention of the van door screen as we know it. That combined with the challenge of trying to make every style of van RV able to overcome there own distinct obstacles. Some companies have cabinets, closets, bathrooms or sinks that are built in the sliding door opening. Keep reading down and we will explain the differences between all of the screens we offer, how they mount and how they are designed to work.

What is the difference between your , Rear Magnetic Screen, Magnetic EZ Pass Through 3.0 Sliding door magnetic screen, and the 4.0 magnetic sliding screen?

Rear Magnetic Insect Screen.

The entire perimeter of the screen has loop Velcro sewn to it, that is fastened to the Hook tape you install in the Velcro under the gasket. Once it is installed simply stick the screen to it. The vertical portion at the seam in the rear doors, is held in place with the same mating magnet strips we use on our magnetic easy pass through option on the sliding door zipper screen. These two mated magnet strips are held in place to the loop binding on the screen with hook tape. This setup allows you to tune the strength of the hold of the magnets to exactly how much strength you want? The strength of this hold is fairly strong, and some people may want less strength so they can step through the screen. But it is designed so when you step through the magnets will close the door behind you, and stay closed in a decent wind. But the point is this bond is a tune able piece of the screen. On the floor area we have metal strips attached to the screen sweep which Velcros to the bottom of the screen and is adjustable up and down on the screen. This metal strips seals by contacting the floor magnet strips that sit just inside of the closed rear doors.

Magnetic EZ Pass Through Zipper Slider Insect Screen Option.

This option is our newest addition to our magnetic screen line up and we consider this our premier magnet screen product. This is our answer to all those cabinets and obstacles RV manufacturers are putting in the way of the door opening. This option allows you to install your magnetic EZ Pass through anywhere you choose within the door opening. If you want it 21" behind the B-pillar, that's were we install it. If you need it more toward the back of the door opening give us your measurement and you have a custom pass through exactly where you want it. Again with this system just like our rear screen you can tune the amount of magnetic strength it takes to enter and leave the RV. With the Velcro loop binding we have sewn on the screen next to the zipper, it is easy to move magnets to the zipper opening and leave the zipper unzipped and create a area from the pass through to the zipper that is a magnetic panel you can pass through. It really is a truly tune able system and no one else offers anything close to it on the market today. If you purchased one of our screens years ago and want to upgrade, send it in and we will put the pass through exactly where you draw us a line with chalk or a grease pencil and send it back for 150.00.

3.0 Sliding Door Insect Screen.

This was our first magnetic screen we designed. The top hanger uses our Velcro under the gasket system and support the weight of the screen, this allows the use of adhesive Velcro to be used on the B and C-pillars. The Hanger allows the use of a zipper or Velcro to open the screen now has our magnet strip encapsulated in the front edge of the screen flap and tucks in behind the B-pillar and seals to a magnet strip you Velcro in place behind the B-pillar. On the bottom of the screen we have our Velcro adjustable sweep and the whole perimeter of the frame of the screen has Velcro loop sewn in place for holding the screen to the C-pillar.

4.0 Sliding Door Insect Screen.
This screen was designed for those who want the feel of a real screen door on there RV. Except it is flexible and no parts to wear out. This screen attaches on top with a double sides Hook tape support hanger, has close to 100 rare earth magnets providing the strongest magnet to magnet seal. The top has a 30" wide door opening and and full height of the B-pillar has a magnet to magnet seal with and extra layer of hook tape wrapped around the front of the screen giving it a stiff yet flexible magnetic door closure. The front frame is a sold piece of 6" wide loop tape that Velcro's in place and holds the magnets on the van side. This allows you to tune the screen to fit your opening, the most critical area on this screens install is the bottom front corner, where the door stop sits when the door is in the closed position. It is crucial to take time to allow the appropriate amount of room around the door stop and prevent damage from happening to your screen. By far our most complicated screen with endless ability to tune it to fit your Luxury Van RV needs.